Monday, 2 June 2014

Illamasqua Lipsticks

Illamasqua Perfect Pout SetSo about a 2 months ago a entered a competition run by Jules over at I never thought I'd win, but what the heck? I entered anyway! So to my shock, I received an e-mail from Jules telling me I'd won! I couldn't believe it.
Illamasqua Perfect Pout Set
From Left to Right: ESP (vivid violet), Plunge (bright mauve pink), Fable (bright rose pink), Over (bright coral pink), Scandal (warm coral pink) & Isis (red pink)

Illamasqua Perfect Pout Set
These are some pretty insane colours! I absolutley love each and everyone of them. Some of them aren't colours I'd wear everyday, but I'd certainly wear some of them on a night out! Below are some pictures of me trying these babies out.

One thing I've found since using these lipsticks, is that the formulation takes a bit of getting used to. Also you've got to have really smooth moisturised lips for the best application.

Illamasqua Over Lipstick

Illamasqua ESP Lipstick

Illamasqua Fable Lipstick

Illamasqua Scandal Lipstick

Illamasqua Plunge Lipstick

Illamasqua Isis Lipstick

So, which ones your favourite then? Let me know down in the comments as I'd be really interested in finding out what you all think.

Once again, thank you to Jules for the giveaway. I couldn't be happier!

As always, It's been a pleasure!




  1. Number 1 & 3 look da bomb!!! Love your hair like that!!! Xxxx

  2. You wear them all so well xx

  3. Ooooh these look amazing...I'm loving the pale pink!

    Keisha xo

  4. Congratulations on winning that is so exciting! I think my favourites are Fable and Over :)

  5. nice lipstick pale pink its the best !!



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