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What Have I Been Reaching For In March | March Favourites

So I've been a bit M.I.A throughout March, that's due to being manic at work and generally having a rough time with it. One little tip I would say to you all, is that life is too short to put up with crap. Whether it be from a colleague, a so called friend or your boss. Stay true to yourself and you'll end up in the right place - eventually! 

So - rant over, brush it off and start afresh! Let's end the month on a high and show you all what I've been swooning over in March.

My Fav's Of March

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy Iris £15.00 - I've been raving about this on twitter recently and on a soon to be blog post about my collection of C & E hand-creams. Crabtree's Hand Care Collection is seriously extensive. If you've never experienced their products I strongly suggest you take a visit to one of their many stores next time you in a shopping center! Everything from the packaging to the product is finished with such a high standard - I'm never disappointed. Which (as you guys may know) takes a lot as I'm seriously fussy, as I loathe having greasy/ oily hands after I use a hand cream. They use Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil and Myrrh in their hand creams to soothe and moisturise your hands. The Myrrh is used to condition your cuticles and nails.

Lush - Grease Lightning £5.95 - This is a superhero in a bottle. I swear by this stuff and I have used it several times a week when I feel a blemish is on it's way OR when a blemish arrives. I cleanse my face and moisturize, then pop this on the areas concerned and the next day it's pretty much gone. My brother had a huge spot at the top of his nose, between his eyes. He was due to go out for a dinner dance thing at his school 2 days later so naturally he started freaking out about it (typical pretty boy!) I told him to use a bit of this straight away and use again before he went to sleep. And hey presto! The next day you could hardly see it, however it was noticeable if you looked closely, so he stuck to the routine and the next day (day of the dance) it was gone! He was seriously impressed. Not often an adolescent boy raves about lush to his friends :) #winning

Tangle Teaser £10.99 - I love this hair brush so much, my life as a blonde has seriously improved since getting this at Christmas. Not much more to say on this than I don't go anywhere without it! One thing that I would like though is for there to be a handle, as my Mum suffers with arthritis and can't keep hold of it easily.

Frozen Soundtrack - I have been playing this everywhere this month. On my phone whilst I'm getting ready, in my car, I've even got my brother to play the songs on the piano! He's super talented!

Illamasqua Skin Base £32.00 - My new Foundation. I've fallen more in love with Illamasqua as of late and for good reasons. I know they are a bit pricey however if a product is good I don't mind splashing out. This gives me full coverage but it does not feel caked on like other foundations ( like my Laura Mercier Silk Creme ) You can also build this up and blend into your skin to give a completely flawless look. I think I'm going to be purchasing the Illamasqua Hydra Veil as I was wowed by it when I saw it in store.

Illamasqua Skin Base Lift £17.50 - This is the concealer to match the above. It's very creamy and a thick formulation which is exactly what I need for the horrendous bags underneath my eyes. In fact I bought this when I went to a Blogger Meet Up in Birmingham recently and the girls I was there with said how good it hid my dark circles and gave the same under eye coverage as some of the vloggers out there! Definite thumbs up moment!

Diptyque Rosamundi Candle £42.00 - Again this has been raved about far too much on my part but on Saturday I got to the end of this beautiful candle. It was a very sad day.However I hunted it down and Space NK sell it, so they have one on hold for me until Friday :D

MAC Vegas Volt £15.00 - An old Lipstick that I've fallen in love with. Not only me I might add. My mother has taken it upon herself to take complete control of this and has stuffed it in her make up bag...she thinks I don't know. Pssh PLEASE.

Tresseme Hair Mask £5.50 - I bought this in a recent Boots haul...which I went a little cray cray on. What's a girl to do when Boots has it's 3 for 2 offer on?! I have read a lot of good reviews about this, so as I'm a real Tresseme girl I thought why not? I am very impressed, it really is a nice treat for my hair. It feels very nourished and soft after I use it. The only downfall I have with this is the lid. I dislike products that I have to use in the shower that don't have a flip top or in a tube. When I apply this, I have to open the tub, scoop some out with on hand, then try and screw the lid back on with one hand. However don't let that put you off, it's excellent.

Clinique Moisturising Gel £29.50 - I am at the end of this product, it's currently sitting up-side-down on my dresser to ensure I get every last bit of moisturiser out before I throw it away and buy a new one. I always seem to come back to this as I feel it really does hydrate my face. I think my skin naturally prefers gel based moisturisers as they just sink straight into the skin, and not much rubbing is involved.

Muji Makeup Storage - I think this has to be my overall monthly favourite! I purposely marched myself into Muji in Birmingham when I was on my blogger meet as I knew I needed some storage, and had seen loads of bloggers & vloggers rave about this. As soon as I set foot in the store, it was a slice of heaven. If you're one of those people like me who has to have things in a certain order, or angle (yes you read that right!) Then this is the place to go. They have storage & organisers for absolutely everything! I had to control myself and buy only what I thought was required. I ended up buying the Acrylic 5 drawer box £24.95 and the Acrylic Compartment Storage Box 6 Partitions £5.95. When I got home, you can pretty much guess what I did first. So when it was coming to the end I realised I could of done with buying another drawer set. Oh well! That's for next time :D Muahaha - sorry bank balance. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Bit of a rubbish pic, but wanted to show you the Muji Storage! 

So there we go guys, I promise April will be a better month, I have loads of things planned that I know you'll be excited about, just as much as I am!

Have any of you tried any of my favourites? What's your favourite item here?

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Anyhoo, I've rattled on enough! 

As always guys, It's been a pleasure.




  1. oooo the only thing I've tried is the clinique dramatically different, aside the horrid smell its ok :P Loving all your pics :D xxxxx


    1. :O You don't like the smell?! I don't think it smells of anything haha. Thanks beaut - Love you too!!!! xxxx

  2. My favorites off of the Frozen soundtrack has got to be Do You Want To Build A Snowman? and Let it go! Great picks! :D

    Cathy // hello, Cathy

    1. haha! I love them all :D Glad you liked it xxx

  3. I have the same tangle teaser it's awesome :D I might try the Clinique gel moisturiser I didn't realise they did gel products :D great post! Xxx

    1. Thanks beaut :) Yeah - they do a sample one, so maybe give that a try first and see if you like it. I generally just prefer gel moisturisers and serums. :) xxxx


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