Friday 10 January 2014

So, around 5am on New Years Day I decided that it was about time I came up with a resolution (I mean -what else are you supposed to do at that ungodly hour?!). I've never really taken a New Year's resolution seriously until that moment of reflection...where you realise you've not really accomplished anything yet. I know it seems very melodramatic but everyone around me seems to be going places so why aren't I? After looking back at what has been an average year, I couldn't help but recall that I go on and on about how 'I will make something of myself', when, in fact I don't do anything risky enough to actually persevere my so call 'dream'. I mean I'm not going to be jumping out of a plane anytime soon, but it's time to do something a little different.

Thanks Jill...!

So here I am, ready to take on an adventure and see where I end up. I've heard a lot of people on YouTube, like Tanya Burr, Fleur de Force & Zoelle, talk about blogging/ vlogging and all that jazz, and decided I was way too scared to jump in-front of a camcorder just yet! Never say never - hey?! 

My thoughts on what I'd like to achieve this year are quite all over the place. My first thought is that I'd quite like to win the lottery....of course I'd have to actually buy a lottery ticket to even consider this a possibility. Do you ever wonder what you'd do if you won an obscene amount of money? You get the usual, 'I'd give some to my friends, family, charity' blah blah blah! Yeah right - you'd scream your head off, get a Rolls to come and pick you up, tell work to 'do one' and tell the driver not to stop until you're in the VIP lounge at Heathrow sipping an ice cold glass of champagne with Kim Kardashian, and if she's not around any celeb will do! 
It seems we've gone off track.
Another thought (slightly more realistic) would be to go out and see the world some more, or even go somewhere else other than London. Maybe, dare I say it, go for long walks in the countryside? Take up a hobby? Volunteer work? - SOMETHING?! Writing a blog maybe.... 
I'd say (if i was being completely honest) that by the end of this year, no matter what, I will be doing what I love and making more and more friends along the way. The last few years have been tough and my family seems to gotten a hell of a lot smaller, so for me it's important to surround myself with people I love. 

I love this, so true.

So. This blog, What's its aim? I thought I would write regular blogs about anything and everything. I love make-up, hair products, food, places, shopping, travelling anything really. So it makes sense for me to review these and give you my honest opinions on what I think of them. Also my aim is to keep you all updated on where I am and what I'm doing to ensure I stay on this path and see where I end up. If you have any thoughts or recommendations let me know :)


  1. Hi Char! One year i hope to stick to my new years resolutions! Maybe that will be next years! Ha! Jess x

    1. haha, yeah i completely see where you're coming from hun! I just thought instead of saying 'I'm going to stop eating chocolate etc...' I'd throw myself into the deep end and do something which would throw me out of my comfort zone! And i'm sure we can nail a good skin care routine by 2015! Well i hope so anyway :) Char xx

  2. hi!

    im new to this too, a few of my friends have a blog and it looks like so much fun!


    1. Hi Hun, actually found your comment! Blogger was having a moment i think. The blogging community are seriously lovely! I'm new to this also but have just about got the grasp of it now. If you ever need any advice i can always attempt to help :) x

    2. Hi haha glad you found my comment! They do seem lovely and supportive so far. I am the same as you, wanting to make something of myself or make an impression this year... I want to do something different from the nursing job I will soon find myself in. Thanks for the offer of help... I may need it! x

    3. Aww I'm sure you'll make something of yourself! Just got to put your mind to it :) please ask and I'll always try help and let you know what I can't lol xx

  3. I am always saying "I'd love to win the Lotto.. If I bought a ticket it might help" still I never actually buy one. I thought I was the only person who did this! Haha. You have a really awesome blog, keep up the good work :) x


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