Wednesday 16 April 2014

Food For Thought | Easter Chocolate Recipes

Okay all you Chocolate lovers, this is one for you! I was thinking up ideas for Easter and what better way than chocolate treats. These don't necessarily have to be for Easter - they can be eaten at anytime of the year! Trust me.

Chocolate Brownie Cookies - Level: Medium

So these are rather indulgent and not for the fainthearted. If you are a dark chocolate lover or know someone who is, then this is the recipe for you! One thing you have to remember is that these are not cookies, they are brownie cookies so they are going to be thick, gooey and ever so rich.
I got this recipe from the Waitrose Magazine from March which features these on the front cover, and to be honest I don't think I'm far off. Except I did forget to save a bar of chocolate to make chocolate chips and the drizzle...Oh well, they still tasted immense. If you don't want to take my word for it, Sophia - Tattooed Tealady (check out her amazing blog here) was my guinea pig when it came to these and I got her approval.



Start off by melting your chocolate 3 bars NOT 4. 
Cream together your butter and sugars for a good 2 minutes until smooth.
Mix together all your dry ingredients.
Combine the two mixtures and add your treacle, egg & vanilla extract.
Once you've got a nice thick mixture add in your melted chocolate.
Once everything has been mixed, roughly chop your remaining bar of chocolate and fold into your mixture. 

Roll the mixture into a sausage shape (which does look rather odd I agree)
Leave to chill for 4 hours or overnight. 
Once ready, slice into 1cm thick 'patties'

Place on a baking sheet and cook for about 7 minutes. Fan 195° Gas Mark 5.

Leave to cool. Then Enjoy.

As much as a love and adore chocolate, dark chocolate is my least favourite. I stuck to the recipe (or so I thought, until I got carried away with melting all 4 bars of chocolate instead of 3!) as I wanted to give a good honest review of how easy it was to achieve something out of a magazine and all in all I found it quite simple. Obviously we aren't all the same, and everyone's cooking techniques and skills are different but I honestly think even if you just melted the chocolate then just shoved all the ingredients into a food processor - you wouldn't be far off. Don't let Mary Berry catch me saying that for god sake! 

I will make these again as they've had such a good reception, however next time I will use milk chocolate and perhaps white chocolate and see what I end up with. I have a terrible sweet tooth so no doubt I'll end up with sodding toothache! Also if someone could remind me not to melt all the chocolate that would be great.

Note: A cup of tea or glass of milk is definitely required to accompany these!

This is what they are supposed to look like, and I don't think I'm too far off?!

What do you think?

No Chocolate - Chocolate Rice Krispie Nests - Level : Easy

Okay, if ever you're in the mindset that you want something sweet, but don't know what to have...then realise you have nothing sweet to eat in your kitchen. Look no further!!! This is something I 'knock up' on a regular basis for the boyfriend and when ever we forget dessert or have friends randomly pop over or just generally in the mood for chocolate.

This takes about 5 minutes to cook and 5-10 minutes in the FREEZER. Got your attention yet? Good.

You'll need 50g butter, 2 tbsps cocoa powder and 1 tbsp Golden Syrup and of course 100g Rice Krispies.

Melt the butter in a pan and mix with the cocoa powder. 
Take off the heat and mix in the golden syrup.
Stir in the rice krispies - you may want to add more until you've got a thick mixture.
Spoon into the cases and add mini eggs to to top to decorate.
Place in fridge or freezer for 5-10 minutes.


I hope you've enjoyed this new series and let me know down in the comments your thoughts! If you create any of these yourselves, tweet me a picture!

As always lovelies, It's been an absolute pleasure.





  1. These were sooooooo delicious. I need to make some! Lovely post sweets :) xo

    1. Thank you hunnie! I'm so glad you liked them, yes! make some!!!! Thanks xxxx

  2. Yummy yummy yummy! I haven't baked cookies in years - you've inspired me :) xx

    1. Aww thanks beaut!! Pleased I've inspired you to cook some cookies! These were SO good!!! xxxx

  3. These look delicious :D xxxxxx

  4. *drools* Oh man these look so sexual ;x OM NOM NOMMMMM haha xx

    1. Hahaha they tasted pretty good too! :P xxx


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