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Beauty Blogger Meet | Sheffield Adventures with Lauren (PorcelainQueen1) and Marissa (Mambomelonx)

From left: Lauren, Me, Marissa

A lot of you will completely understand when I say; since I've been blogging I have met some pretty amazing people. A lot of you will also have met some of these lovely people during your blogging life. So when I got the opportunity to meet some of my favourite girlies, I didn't turn the opportunity down!

Let's start off with the girl I've know the longest +Porcelain Queen (blog link here). This girl has been like my rock in blogging world. She's the devil on my shoulder; telling me to buy all sorts of products, and I'm sure it's the same when she talks about me. Her blog is pretty amazing. She has the ability to lure you in, and you end up buying everything. Not only is her blog flawless, so is her face! I'm not even joking - when I saw her I was like 'Oh my god, you're so pretty!' The first thing Lauren said to me was 'Oh my god! you're so tall!' Hahaha!

Next to turn up was the beautifully stylish Marissa +Marissa Hunt (blog link here), Well I thought Lauren was petite - JEEZ! Give a girl a break ladies! Marissa is all about style, this girl oozes it! I don't think there been a single day where I haven't 'liked' her outfits or posts on Instagram. She's all about colour and knows how to work them well together. Not only that she's got a pretty cute blog and I adore her photos! She's so good at adding props! Jealous... Basically this girl is amazing!

Needless to say, as soon as we all met, we hit it off straight away!

Working the Vegas Vault from MAC

So our first port of call was TGI Fridays where Lauren basically put a gun to our heads and told us we were going there no matter what! This girl means business when it comes to her particular The French Canadian Burger. Of which, when we sat down, we were told they no longer did it! Hahaha, gutted was an understatement. So after the burger issue we sat down and talked for ages; I learnt that Marissa hated cheese...I know! How can someone hate cheese?! I'm sure we could have sat and talked about our lives and make up for hours but we had shopping to do!

We headed off to Illamasqua as I wanted to show the girls Hydra Veil and potentially purchase it too. However when we got there, we were told that they were out of stock. Needless to say we hadn't gotten off to a good start at all! We roamed around the counter taking photos of their stunningly opaque lip glosses, nail polishes and new Glamor line. We got talking to a lovely lady who worked there, who asked us if we wanted to go to an Illasmaqua Blogger Event in May! Hello?! Stupid question!

Next door was Urban Decay. I'd heard a lot about the All Nighter Long Setting Spray and thought I'd give it a the same time I think I persuaded Lauren to invest in the same thing. Terrible, I know! We looked around and swatched eye shadows, eye pencils and the new eye shadows sticks that match the naked pallets. I wasn't too impressed with these but each to their own. Also the woman on the counter looked pretty scary! She had half finished eyebrows...

YSL no.19 - Obviously when I got home and pulled my hair back!

We moved swiftly on to YSL, one of our favourite brands! I had mentioned in previous posts that purple lipsticks do not suit me, so when we got to the counter Lauren and Marissa pointed out this pinky/purple shade and told me to try it. At first I wasn't diggin' it as I'd had such a bad time in pulling purple off before. However after walking around with it on and basically getting bullied into it, I caved and purchased it. I absolutely love it! Thanks ladies :)

So where do I begin in MAC? We were all like kids in a candy store! We must have swatched pretty much every eye shadow in there between the 3 of us. It got to the point of craziness where Lauren was having to check back on previous blog posts to find out what she'd bought before! We also went a bit spoolie mad, and everywhere we went, we took a spoolie! Marissa and I couldn't get over how wet the wet wipes were..I the people in white coats! We ended up purchasing some eye shadows and god knows what else.

From MAC we ventured over to Laura Mercier where I believe I got suckered into buying this kit! The guy on the counter was a true sales man and wowed me with words such as 'limited edition' , 'reduced' and 'you must get it'. So I did. At the same time I did take a sneaky photo of the new range LM have just brought out. It's so pretty!

Benefit was our next stop and to be honest, since my last review of their products I've lost faith and I'm not willing to try anything new until I've seen some amazing reviews. Their stuff does look pretty though.

The new Velvet Lip Laquers from Bourjois

Lauren in action!

You can't go make up shopping without stepping foot into Boots! They had their 3 for 2 offer on again,
however I was strong and refrained from buying any drug store products as I've still got loads to review from my previous haul. Marissa went a little bit mental though! I was umming and arghing over the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser, of which is a firm favourite of mine. However I'm currently trying to use up the massive amount of moisturisers I have at home. Therefore my only purchase at Boots was my YSL Lipstick which I decided to get from here, because I wanted the points. We did get an inside look into the brand Bare Minerals, however it just doesn't give me enough coverage as a foundation would. Shame really, as their pigments are pretty good!

Our final stop was at Victoria Secrets, where we became teenagers again! It was also where we realised Lauren has no sense of smell at all. I'm not even joking. There was an amazing offer on the Body Sprays where you could buy 3 for £24. They are normally £16 pounds each, so go figure! We decided to get 1 each and treat ourselves!

At the end of the day, I was really sad to say goodbye to these beautiful ladies! I'd gotten to love them as much in person as I did through their blogs. I strongly recommend having a look at their posts and trust me; you'll love them as much as I do! Bring on the 10th May ladies, when they come to Nottingham for some serious shopping madness!

I hope you've enjoyed this installment and if you're keen to read the next one, keep up to date with me on twitter, bloglovin and instagram so not to miss out!

As always guys, It's been a pleasure!




  1. ARGHHHHH I love this post :D eee cant wait to see you in Nottingham!! OMG Illamasqua are releasing a matte veil soon :D :D :D xxxxxxxxx

    1. Eeeee! I know I'm super excited! I know, I got the e-mail through the other day and was like :O Lauren would love that! xxxx

  2. Ahhh looks amazing for shopping! I still haven't visited a Victoria Secrets yet but it's probably a good thing as my bank balance would not look pretty if I did!


    1. I know what you mean! Be prepared as everything looks so pretty! Wanted it all! xx

  3. Ahh I'm SO jealous, I want to go to a meet up! Looks like you had a wonderful day though. And what a stunner in that YSL lipstick missy!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Haha well you're always welcome to the next one we do :) Thank you beaut xxxx


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