Friday, 31 January 2014

What Have I Been Reaching For In January?

So after a busy week of working and travelling, I decided to write about what I've been reaching for the most this month. I think I'm going to continue this series as a sort of monthly favourites. Let me know down in the comments what you think - also what beauty products you've been reaching for :)

So as a quick over view the products that I have been obsessing over are the following; MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Rio (£22), MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow in Love Connection (£17), MAC Matte Lipstick in Pink Plaid (£15), Natural Connection Lipstick Moisture Shine in Rose Bud (£1.99), YSL Shocking Mascara (£22) and finally the much talked about Bioderma for sensitive skin (£9.99).
I know what you're thinking...that's a lot of MAC.

With this month being particularly bitter, my face has taken offence!
I decided that a nice rosy glow would definitely blast away any dullness. I especially love Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish in Rio, this is a beautiful rose gold colour which has a spectacular shimmer to it. I only use a dab of this on my cheeks to give me that dewy look. As with all Mac Mineralize pressed powders, a little goes a hell of a long way. You do not want to be a shining beacon of light! It's not pleasant. 

I use the 'highlighter' side of my Love Connection Eye Shadow to emphasize the tops of my cheekbones, but as mentioned above, only a dab! This creates a really stunning flawless look and makes your skin look amaze-balls (Yes, that is a word..kind of!)  

From Top to Bottom; 'Love Connection' Highlighter, 'Love Connection' Gold Shimmer, 'Rio' Skinfinish

The next items on my list are my favourite lipsticks, these colours are seriously so beautiful the camera does not do them justice. They are warm pinks, so you can wear them during the day with a more natural look or at night with a sexy smoky eye and a pop of gloss. Girls, you can not go wrong.

Top; Natural Collection Rose Bud. Bottom; MAC Pink Plaid

Okay so everyone knows about Bioderma - if not where have you been?! I won't go on about it too much. Basically all you need to know is, it's fab! It's a 2 in 1 product; a cleanser and make up remover.  It's super gentle on your skin and does not leave you feeling oily or dry. A serious must have for any avid beauty fan - I defy you not to like it!

I even like the that wrong?

Finally, my luxury item. YSL seriously know what they're talking about when it comes to mascara and this does exactly what it says on the tin. Your eyelashes look so good, they're shocking...see what I did there? I know this is pricy, however if you're looking to splurge on an item I would recommend this. It not only lengthens your lashes, it curls them too in it's rich formulation. This holds the curl, defines each lash AND lengthens them. What more do you want I ask?! 

On a closing note, I hope you've enjoyed the first instalment of 'What have I been reaching for?' Now I tag all of you to let me know what you've been reaching for! I'm dead nosy and love to know what everyones favourites items are each month. 

 As always guys and gals, it's been a pleasure. 

Char xXx



  1. What have you been reaching for this month from your make up bag?

  2. What have you been reaching for this month?

  3. I really want to get The YSL mascara, I think this is a sign I mu buy it haha! I never knew bioderma was a makeup remover aswell I've been battling so many makeup removers recently, my eyes are so sensitive & even the simple cream formula one leaves me tearing up haha. Where did you buy yours from? Great post :)

    Lauren xxx

    1. YSL - Treat yourself hun! I promise you won't be disappointed, I want to try the YSL Babydoll mascara but the brush is plastic bristles not don't know how i'd get on with it :) If you don't like it you have my permission to rant about it on your blog. Yes Bioderma is really good especially at moving make up. I always wash my face first with warm water & face wash then use Bioderma on cotton pads to remove the excess make up & cleanse THEN moisturise. Long winded but my face feels great. I just need to find myself a really good moisturiser. I would seriously recommend Bioderma especially the pink one as it's specifically for sensitive skin. I bought mine from the Garden Pharmacy in Covent Garden but you can buy them online and in smaller bottles so it's easier for you to try. Let me know how you get on xxx

  4. Deff want to try out that mascara!!!!! LOVE xxx

    1. You should it's amazing, they also have 2 other types in the YSL Mascara like Babydoll which i've heard good things about too. I personally rate this above Benefit's Their Real.... did i say that out loud?! Thanks for the comment hun xxx

  5. Very nice products! I am a fan of MAC Rio MSF and the YSL mascara too! I wish I could get my hands on Bioderma here in the US. Great post!
    xoxo Lauren

    1. Thanks for your comment hun, made my day! It's a shame about the Bioderma - can you not even order it online? I'd love to get my hands on some of the American products out there...particularly Bath and Body Works Candles....I have a mild obsession with candles.....only mild. haha Also you always seem to get all the newest make up products over there! I'll take a look over at your blog now, give you a follow back. Take care hun xxx

  6. Really nice post, i also have that mascara and i totally agree, i think it does exactly what it says on the tin! I love your Site!
    check out mine some time xx

    1. Hi Millie, Thanks for your lovely comments! YSL in general are brill :) I'll pop along and have a look at your site xx


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