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June Favourites

So my blogging schedule last month was pretty abysmal. I'm not going to lie - I've had a pretty crappy month, however I'm back on track now...she says!

Charlotte Louise Thompson June Favourites

Okay so lets jump straight in with my number one product I've been obsessed with.

MAC's Expensive Pink Eye Shadow (£10.00 / £13.00) - This is a staple in any beauty obsessed's pallet. The colour is a mix between rose gold and pink and can be made to look completely different when using a MAC paint pot as a base.
Charlotte Louise Thompson MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot

Charlotte Louise Thompson MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot & Expensive Pink Swatch
From left to right: MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot, MAC Expensive Pink Eye Shadow, Combo of both

MAC's Rubenesque Paint Pot (£15.50)- This leads nicely on from the above. I use this paint pot as the base for Expensive Pink. The beautiful iridescent golden peachy tones really bring out the rose gold tones from the shadow. In short - a must have. This also last an absolute lifetime - I've had mine for years and as you can see, I've only just made a dint.

F & F Floral Top (£18.00) - A first for my blog by including a fashion item but I have received SO many compliments when I wear this I can't not add it. It's made of a silky material and has a fabulous floral pattern running through it. The cut is very flattering for all shapes and can be worn in many different ways for different events. I like to pair mine with my denim straight cut jeans rolled up with converse or ballet pumps with a vest top underneath, or rolled down jeans and a bright coloured heel and matching clutch. Love it! In fact whilst I was at a Benefit Event recently once of the lovely Benebabes thought it was from somewhere like Zara or Ted Baker....hell yes! (Click on the following link if you'd like to see the top in action )

Charlotte Louise Thompson June Favourites

F& F Necklace (£12.00) - Again, another fashion piece and pretty much the same as above...I've received a lot of compliments on it! It just add's a nice pop of colour to any outfit.

NYX Lip Butter (£5.00) - My go to lip product this month has been the NYX Cosmetics Lip Butter in Vanilla Cream Pie, this is such a pretty colour that can go on the lip on it's own or be worn over the top of your favourite lipstick. The consistency is really creamy, not sticky and they smell divine. Not only that but for £5.00 you can afford to buy yourself a few! Go on treat yourself...

Charlotte Louise Thompson June Favourites

Liz Earle Cleanser (£13.75) - So my eyes have been opened these last two months to the wonder that is Liz Earle. This hot cloth cleanser is just amazing and I've been completely converted! Late as always on the band wagon with this but I can assure you it is now a firm favourite in my skin care regime.

Benefit B.Right 'Instant Comeback Serum'* (£36.00) - I was lucky enough to receive the Benefit B.Right skin care range and I can honestly say it's possibly the prettiest and easiest skin care range I've ever come across. I know the prices are a bit hefty but in all honesty these do come up to the same level as some of the high end skin care products out there. This particular product is a serum you apply to your face after you've cleansed and toned, but before you moisturise. It absorbs fast into the skin and adds a boost of hydration and it really does hydrate your skin to give it that instant comeback....see what I did there?

Benefit B.Right 'It's Potent' Eye Cream* (£25.50) - This product has been out for a while and I'd previously got a small size of this for Christmas in Benefit's gift set. However on receiving the full size I fell in love again. The consistency of this is really moisturing and creamy but nothing too heavy. It literally melts into the skin, instantly plumping it to get rid of those horrid dark circles. I love this. - On a side note Benefit offer a 28 money back guarantee on their B.Right range so if you are apprehensive you've got this to fall back on.

Charlotte Louise Thompson June Favourites

Power Bank (£19.99) - Okay so a bit of self promotion here, but this product is something the company I work for, imports into the UK, so naturally I made sure I got a freebie when this arrived! We don't deal direct with the public so I'm not gaining anything out of this financially. I just can't get over how much a simple power bank has changed my life. Literally this is with me everywhere I go, so when my phone goes down to the dreaded red line of 10% I whack this on and it charges my phone over 50% in less than 30 minutes. Life saver.

Sally Hansen Shine Airbrush Legs Lotion Tan (£13.99) - Stop the press! This is a game changer. Any girl, any size, envies women's legs that look like they've been airbrushed...well I do anyway. Perv alert! Hide your legs ladies! hahahaha. I'm obsessed with this product, to be clear this is not a fake tan - it is leg make up so it will wash off when you get in the shower. This smooths over all your lumps, bumps, veins & anything you wish to hide! I am no longer apprehensive about getting my legs out this summer - Hello Barbie Legs!   

Charlotte Louise Thompson Diptyque Eau Rose Eau de Toilette

Diptyque Eau Rose Eau de Toilette (£65.00) - Okay so I purchased this about 3 weeks ago when I was in London from Space.N.K and I am obsessed with it. It is my new signature fragrance! As some of you very well know I am addicted to the Diptyque Rosamundi candle and this scent smells just like it. This is a true rose scent, very natural and not at all over powering or synthetic. Please do go and have a sniff when you're next passing a Space N.K as you won't be disappointed

There we have it! I hope you've enjoyed my monthly favourites, leave me a comment below if you've tried any of the above and what you think of them! 

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As always it's been a pleasure.



*This posts contains PR Samples

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  1. I saw the Benefit video and loved the top you were wearing, it looks so pretty on you. Loving Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish too, it's something I've been using for years and always have a stock in my beauty cupboard thanks to QVC! Have you tried the limited edition Orange Flower & Chamomile? It's gorgeous xx


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