Monday, 26 May 2014

Summer Nail Polish

Charlotte's Summer Nails

So it's this time of year when I can go a little crazy with my nail varnishes. I love the summer and the bright colours that come with it. Particularly pinks and corals, they are my absolute favourite. Not only that but they look amazing on any skin tone. These are only but a few of my favourites for the summer.
Charlotte's Summer NailsCharlotte's Summer NailsFrom Left to Right: Barry M Berry Ice Cream , Barry M Matte Vanilla, OPI Nicki Minaj Pink Friday, OPI Aphroditite's Pink Nightie, Illamasqua Fire Rose, Ciate Hoopla , OPI My Address Is Hollywood , Barry M Shocking Pink, Rimmel Rose Libertine, Barry M Jelly Papaya.
If I had to narrow it down and pick a favourite I would have to say OPI My Address Is Hollywood and Rimmel's Rose Libertine. I first of all love OPI's names they give their polishes, and the colours I've chosen are quite similar. I love the rose/coral shades, they just seem to be so flattering on the nails. I also prefer OPI & Rimmels brushes compared to Barry M's. However that is just my own personal preference.

That's it for now guys! What is your favourite shade on this colour wheel? Bring on the sunshine.

As always, it's been a pleasure.




  1. I'm currently having a big coral-loving period! I ordered the Live.Love.Carnaval OPI so I'm very curious to try it out (should be a bright, vibrant coral!)


    1. Oooo! That sounds amazing! I'll have to check it out :) xxxx

  2. I have been getting in the Summer mind set the last couple of days so this post is definitely right on track with my thoughts at the moment haha. I couldn't agree more, OPI comes up with the best names :)


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