Saturday 1 March 2014

Spring | Summer Lips

So I've been looking though loads of posts this week and I've fallen in love with all of the Spring Summer 2014 lip colours you've all been cooing over. 
If you've been following me on twitter you will also know that I went a little crazy on the 3 for 2 offer in Boots at the moment. 

Oh Dear. 

I apologise for  the quality of this, I was fighting with lighting and a cat.  

So I'll go through the swatches on my hand, then you lucky people can see the colours on my lips. 
I like to give both views, as lipsticks & glosses look so different compared to swatches. Everyones lips have different tones to them, therefore sometime I have to blot out my natural colour to let the true pigmentation come through. 
My natural lip colour is quite a deep pink. 

Rimmel Lip Butters Left to Right: Pink Lemonade, Macaroon, Juicy Papaya
Pink Lemonade

Don't you just love the name?! Everyones been on about these Lip Butters and I'm SO pleased I managed to get my hands on them. I ordered these online so I just chose colours which I thought would suit my skin tone and sounded nice...ha! 
One side note I'd like to add is that I find the tops quite hard to get off?! Any of you find that?

I do like this, however I had to apply several layers just so the pink could show through. having said that, I can see this being a firm favourite in the summer months!


Out of the 3, this one is certainly the most pigmented out of the lip butters. This, I can use throughout the year as it would even look nice in the colder months! 

Juicy Papaya

This is my favourite out of the 3 I purchased. It really flatters my skin tone and just looks so natural.
My mum who always gives her honest opinion (even when not required!) absolutely loves it and was off browsing the shelves of Boots today to get one. 


From left to right: Calvin Klein Creme Lipstick in Ethereal, Maxfactor Pink Brandy

Pink Brandy

This is a recent purchase and my first Maxfactor Lipstick. Certainly won't be my last. 
I love the colour as it has orange tones to it, which incase you hadn't realised - Orange is the new black. Fabulous. 


Okay, so I won't go on about this too much, as I have been swooning over it on twitter quite  a bit. 
LOVE this. 
It's so creamy and the colour is really flattering. Perfect for Spring / Summer. I didn't even realise CK had a make up line but I shall be looking out for more colours in the future as this is just beautiful. 


From Left to Right: L'Oreal L'Extrodinaire Fuchsia Drama, Lush Liquid Lipstick in Perspective


Okay, so I'm not a big fan of this colour. It has purple/ brown tone to it, which really doesn't flatter my skintone, as mentioned in my previous Leibster Award post (link here). 
One other thing I'm not too keen on is the smell and taste (which is unusual with a Lush product - it's quite bitter)
However I do like the consistency and pigmentation. 

Fuchsia Drama

This is amazing. It smells so sweet and delicious! The consistency is creamy and full of pigmentation. The applicator is great too, it's angled so it covers all corners - literally. 
I will be purchasing more shades in this without a doubt.


From Left to Right: MAC Lip Pencil in Beet, Illamasqua Glamore in Luster

I wanted to show how you can build this wonderful Lipstick up from Illamasqua. I know a lot of people get scared of using such bold colours on their lips. 
From my previous posts you will know I am not one of them now - but I used to be. 

Make up is my mask. Own it. Please don't be afraid to try new and exciting colours as they really are a tool to show of your personality! 

Below is me with just one layer of this fab lipstick and the other is built up using a lip pencil and a couple more layers of Luster. 

One layer - nothing to be afraid of!

BOOM! Pure sex. 

Anyway I hope you've enjoyed this Spring Summer Lip Instalment. If you liked it make sure to leave a comment! Also stay up to date with me on Twitter and Instagram (links in sides bar) 

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Love to you all! And, as always. It's been a pleasure. 

Char (and Missy below!)



  1. I love every last one of these shades...and they look fab on you! My fav has to be the last one!

    Great post!

    Keisha xo

    1. Thanks so much Keisha!! Yes, I absolutely adore my illamasqua lipstick :) it's stunning! Thanks! xxx

  2. Love this post! So many lovely colour lippys! I have calivn klien etherial and love that! It's such a gorgeous pinky nude, they all look fabulous on you!

    Lucie xx

    Fatbeautyx // Youtube

    1. OMG! Someone else who actually has the CK Lippy!!! I love it :) Thanks hun such nice comments xxx Mwah

  3. I love the macaroon and pink brandy colours but they all look fab :)

  4. I have 6 Calvin Klein lipsticks, my favourites are Mesmermize, Sinful and Etheral. I buy them mainly from Amazon, they're so cheap and I love them! x


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