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Love Lost | Lost Love

So there has been a reoccurring theme this last week I feel, with bloggers from all corners of the globe talking about products that they had either lost or forgotten about and whether or not they still love them or not. 
So I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and give you...drum roll please....!
Love Lost | Lost Love

The title maybe pretty self explanatory to me but I'll explain it so there is no confusion. 
Love Lost - Used to love it, now don't.
Lost Love - Used to love it, still do.

Simples - Let's crack on! I warn you - this maybe pretty lengthy so I apologise in advance. Let me know if you read until the end ; I would be honoured to find out who finds this interesting :)

Eyeshadows - How did i forget these?!
Lets start with the Shadows

So you may be asking how I forgot about these, the answer is, there is no answer - I'm just a bad person! I was attempting to tidy / organise my room last week and found an old make up case that felt rather heavy. On opening it I found a tonne of make up! Of which I felt very bad...Bad Charlotte! 

Benefit Eyeshadows

Miss Moon Shimmer Pot - This pearly white pigment lasts you years...I'm being serious guys! I think this was one of the first make up products I bought with my own money. It has a beautiful shimmer to it with blue undertones. Perfect for brightening the inner corner of your eyes or blending out to create a stunning smoky eye. 

Verdict : Lost Love

Miss Moon
Next we have another Benefit duo shadow and for the life of me I can't remember the name! I've looked for it all over the web and it's nowhere to be found! This is really old and I totally forgot about it. However I do really like the grey shimmer with it's violet / brown undertones. Great for a smoky eye. Loved the pot too. 

Verdict : Lost Love

Jane Doe of Eyeshadows
Finally we have the other Benefit pot - Don't know the name - it's rubbed off! I'm coming across a bit rubbish on this name game but honestly I get better :) This, if I remember correctly was a multi-use product so I could use it as a shadow, blush and lip stain. To be honest it takes a lot of blending and I've got better ones now sooooo I think this is going to be given away. 

Verdict : Love Lost

Benefit 3 in 1 Blush Powder


Yes. I forgot all about these, my excuse is that I've been using my Laura Mercier palette & Urban Decay palette which duped a lot of the 'normal' shadows in this palette. Apologies! 

Pressed Powder Shadows:  I'm only going to swatch the unusual colours from this palette. 

Overall : I know some of these colours are a bit out there, but I just can't be parted with them. I think they are simply beautiful.

Verdict : Lost Love

From Left to Right: Beautiful Iris, Stars n Rockets, Da Bling, Newly Minted, Chrome Yellow

Okay so this next one stumped me! My fantastic brother bought me this for a Christmas present last year with his own money (Guy is 18 now but for a 17 year old to choose something for me and buy it, I was seriously impressed!) 
If anyone can advise me as to how to use this palette I'm all ears as I find the consistency really tough, they are cream based?! Also I don't think the names are at all pleasant. So at the moment i'm not loving it, but will keep hold of it for sentimental reasons.

Verdict : Love Lost

Spring 2013 Forecast Eyes Palette
From Left to Right: Runway Rose, Now Mustard! Must Have Brown, Top Soil, Sunshine, April Mist

Eye Pencils

So two old eye pencils I used to love were the Benefit Eye Bright & Bad Gal Eye Liner

These are far too chunky for my liking and not something I'd use now as I have better alternatives. Also the formula of both of them seem to be quite dry - that may be something to do with the fact I forgot about them but still not impressed. 

Verdict : Love Lost

Eye Bright : Bad Gal Eye Liner

Face Powders

The final installment of this post is on face powders. I'll be amazed if you're still reading this! 

Benefit Hello Flawless - Okay so this may look like I used it a lot but this is such a shallow pan, after a few uses I met the bottom! Sorry to be so blunt, it may have cute packaging but that still does not justify the £25.50!!! price tag. The powder itself was nice, gives you a good coverage but I would want more for my money. I'm all for paying good money for a product so long as it's justified - in this case, it isn't.

Verdict : Love Lost 

MAC Pinch Me : This is described as a 'dirty rose coral' which is actually the best way to describe it. It's halfway between a blush and a bronzer and I love it!

Verdict : Lost Love

Chanel Blush Hot Pink - We've got a love hate relationship. I adore the packaging (as lets face it - it's Chanel!) However I had to seriously rub the powder to even get the slightest bit off! I love the colour and think it's a beautiful pink with a touch of shimmer but it's too bloody stubborn! 
What do you guys think?

Verdict : Love Lost 

From left to right: Benefit, MAC, Chanel

Congratulations if you're still reading this! You might have aged a year but you still look fabulous! :)

I'm always interested in what you guys have lost and found so please keep this 'theme' going!

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Have a wonderful Valentines Day ladies, and as always, It's been a pleasure. 




  1. OMG I love this post such a great idea! I absolutely love the MAC shadows in stars 'n' rockets beautiful iris and da bling! Infact Da bling looks like it could belong in naked 3! You should fill up the rest of your palette with other crazy colours! I cant believe you didn't like the bad gal liner its such a classic, this is my 'work' eyeliner for when I'm working days haha. As for th 'Hello Flawless', used to be my favourite but all mine have broken up, so stop repurchasing it! Great post :D xxxxxx

    1. Hey Hun! totally didn't see this comment. Yeah I do love my MAC shadows. They are so pigmented and I loveeeee the funky shades! I will no doubt fill this palette up soon with colours I have got already that need de-potting! Yeah - I'm not a fan of the BG liner as i've got a sleek eye liner which is fab and a LM one. But we can't all be the same :) My Stay Flawless primer keeps on crumbling too! rubbish xxx

  2. Hey Lovely, I just nominated you for The Liebster Award! check it out here - xx

    1. Hey Beaut! Thank you so much for the nomination :D I've sent you a message but wanted to put something on here too <3 xx

  3. Lovely post, great idea too! You have some lovely products!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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